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December 28, 2015

Indie Dev Spotlight: Cherry Star Asteroid Smasher

In today’s indie spotlight, we take a look at Cherry Star Asteroid Smasher, a sidescrolling action game from Mexican developer Mars Studios. This mobile title takes inspiration from old-school video games and combines it with aesthetic of anime from the end of the twentieth century to create a look and feel all its own. Within this nostalgic world, players then take the role of psychic spacewomen Cherry Star and must use her psychic powers to defeat the evil entity ZEA and save the universe.

For a closer look, gander down below at a list of the game’s features straight from Mars Studios:

• An epic story narrated as comic. • Fight against hundreds of [...]

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July 2, 2015

Stone Age Gods: An Interview with Flintlock Studios, Makers of Lithic

This month, Flintlock Studios has unleashed their newest creation – Lithic – upon Kickstarter. In this RTS/RPG/god-game hybrid, players take on the role of a powerful creator spirit who must guide one of four tribes of stone-age humanoids to develop their civilization and conquer the world!  To learn a bit more about Lithic, we sat down with Tom and John from Flintlock Studios for an exclusive interview about their latest project.

APGNation First, could you tell us a bit about your company, development team, and how you came up with the idea for Lithic?

Tom: We started Flintlock in September 2013 though for just short of a year we were brainstorming and [...]

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April 20, 2015

Indie Spotlight: Rustbucket Rumble

Recently we here at APGNation were contacted by Reactor Zero, the development team of the upcoming sidescrolling team-based arena shooter, Rustbucket Rumble. This will be Reactor Zero’s first release, with the development team lead by Matt Toschlog, best known for being the co-creator of the classic title, Descent.

Rustbucket Rumble takes place many years after humanity has given up on the planet Earth and traveled to distance galaxies. Two groups of robots built by rival companies, the machines of  Robotic Engineering Depot (RED) endlessly fight against the Blucom Discarded Plastics and Metals are all that remains. Each team of robots uses the scrap from the [...]

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November 17, 2014

#IndieDev Monday: Interview With Warhorse Studios

Back in September I had the opportunity to report on the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a crowdfunded RPG set in the 15th Century created by the Czech company Warhorse Studios.  Unlike most RPGs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance draws on history rather than fantasy to fuel its story.

Since the time of my original article, the game has released the first “technical alpha” run and is continuing its quest to a full release. The technical alpha allows players a glimpse into the world of Kingdom Come before the game is ready for a traditional release. In this version players can explore a small area of the world and complete a very simple quest. There are very basic [...]

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November 10, 2014

#IndieDev Monday: Orcish Inn In-Depth Interview

APGNation previously covered the announcement trailer for Orcish Inn, a tavern simulator game being developed by Steven Colling, an independent indie game developer out of Germany. Orcish Inn has now been Greenlit on Steam and a pre-alpha release is planned in December.

Orcish Inn serves a relatively under served niche in PC gaming. Other Platforms have had their Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon style games and PC already has its “realistic” management games (Faming Simulator). What we haven’t had much of is a management game with a unique and colorful art style in a peaceful setting where your only goal is to do your job well. The [...]

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