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January 31, 2015

Mysteries of the Diversity Lounge: Interview with Benjamin Williams at PAX South

There has been a sort of mystery revolving around the PAX Diversity lounge project regarding what the objectives and participants are for such a group. So our very own Luis Angeles stopped by at PAX South and spoke with Benjamin Williams, organizer of the lounge — to see what it’s all about!

According to Benjamin Williams, the Diversity Lounge is established to take community groups, small indie devs, and anyone who’s related to gaming and geek culture who creates content that is for diverse communities and puts them in a place that raises visibility of their projects. All of the projects would be at the convention anyway, but they would be lost on the main floor. [...]

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January 25, 2015

Wracking up Some High Scores: PAX South Interview with Brad Carney, CEO of Final Boss Entertainment

The Nation’s own Jeff Pannell had a chance to talk with Brad Carney, CEO of Final Boss Entertainment about their new arcade shooter, Wrack. Wrack is a fast paced cel-shaded arcade shooter that focuses on quick action, killing waves of baddies along with racking up combos and high scores. Carney felt there had been a dearth of arcade shooters available on the recent market, and Wrack is an attempt to bring back the breakneck arcade shooters of the past such as Doom.

We asked Carney regarding the choice for the cel-shaded graphics style of the game:

“Most of the shooters that are out now, they’re just very brown and photo-realistic. And we wanted to [...]

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January 25, 2015

PAX South 2015 Recap “Turning Up The Heat: Women Working in Games”

A bright future for women working in games was forecast today by an interesting panel of women.  These people got together to discuss the methodologies that Human Resources (HR) Departments of gaming companies use to attract and retain successful candidates, focusing on women.

Saturday evening’s panel was comprised of five successful women in the field of gaming HR. The panel was comprised of Fiona Cherbak the Senior Staffing Specialist at Gameloft, Ashley Doyal the Human Resource and Recruiting manager at BattleCry Studios, Sue Do the Human Resource and recruiting manager at Arkane Studios, Susan Bollinger the Director of Talent and Culture for Certain Affinity, and Tammy [...]

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January 25, 2015

The Banner Saga at PAX South: Interview with Drew McGee

Live from PAX South, APGNation interviews Drew McGree, writer for the hit indie tactical RPG The Banner Saga. Steeped in the lore and aesthetic of viking culture and history, The Banner Saga is a difficult game that first hit it big on Kickstarter several years ago, then found considerable success on iOS, Android, and other devices where it has been hailed as an engaging and fun gameplay experience with excellent story and music.

Mr. McGee begins by recounting the history of the game. When the game was kickstarted in 2012 with over 20,000 backers, he was then still a part of Bioware working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, but eventually left for Austrailia to join the [...]

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January 24, 2015

Elite Dangerous at Pax South: Interview with Eddie Symons

Today at PAX South, APGNation’s Luis Angeles interviewed Frontier Development’s Producer Eddie Symons about Elite Dangerous. We reviewed Elite Dangerous previously and the game was impressive, to say the least. Eddie was kind enough to shed some light on some of the lingering questions raised in the review. While unable to comment on the radical redesign of the Fer De Lance from its initial concept to its current concept art, Eddie was happy to discuss some of the features of the upcoming Elite Dangerous content expansion (Patch 1.1) currently slated for February.

“Community Goals… missions that everyone can take part in together… everyone working [...]

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January 24, 2015

Brawlhalla at PAX South: Interview with Zeke Sparkes of Blue Mammoth Games

On the second day of PAX South, Jeff Pannell had a chance to talk with Zeke Sparkes of Blue Mammoth Games about Brawlhalla, a platform brawler that pits an array of characters to smack each other off the map.

At first glance the game bears an eerie resemblance to the ever popular Super Smash Brothers, but Sparkes claims there are enough differences between the two games for Brawlhalla to hold its own in the genre. According to Sparkes, the combat is weapon-based with each character’s move sets drastically changing based on equipped weaponry.

Up to four players can join the fray at the same time with online tournaments, ladder boards, and matchmaking available for [...]

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January 24, 2015

Operation Supply Drop at PAX South: Video Games for Veterans

Our very own Luis Angeles had a chance to speak with Captain Stephen Machuga, founder of Operation Supply Drop at PAX South. Founded in 2010, Operation Supply Drop seeks to provide donations of video game care packages for veterans deployed overseas as well as to military hospitals. We asked where the inspiration for the project came from and Captain Machuga responded with:

“If you think of a veteran in former wars. You know like a bar where you usually have a bingo thing going on with a bunch of grizzly old veterans. Well that doesn’t apply anymore it’s not 18-35 year old guys and everybody grew up playing video games. So the idea is we’re getting guys [...]

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January 24, 2015

Mobile Monster Battler Moonrise at PAX South: Interview with Undead Labs

Today at PAX South, APGNation’s Sean Winnett had a chance to get his hands on Moonrise, Undead Lab’s new mobile creature collector game due for Apple and Android devices. Moonrise is set in a world filled with creatures called Solari. When a lunar eclipse corrupts the normally peaceful Solari into Lunari, it is up to the player to take on the role of warden and cleanse the Lunari back into Solari. Players will be able to fully customize their warden’s gender, skin color, features, and cosmetics.

On the outside, the concept bears a strong resemblance to the ever popular Pokemon series. The developers admit the similarities and reference Pokemon as an [...]

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January 24, 2015

This War Of Mine At PAX South: Interview With Karol Zajaczkowski of 11Bit Studios

APGNation’s Editor Jeff Pannell caught up with Karol Zajaczkowski at the 11Bit Studios booth at Pax South. Where he was kind enough to answer our questions with regards to his studio’s latest title This War Of Mine. I previously reviewed This War Of Mine for APGNation and still play the game today with its latest updates. It’s a gritty war survival story where you’re tasked with guiding a group of civilians through the horrors of an active war zone, scavenging and even stealing supplies. Bad things happen and most the time you feel like it’s your fault.

When discussing how they came up with the concept for This War Of Mine, Zajaczkowski had this [...]

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January 24, 2015

Women in Geek Media Panel at PAX South 2015 Recap

Not only did women represent today at PAX South, but during the Women in Geek Media panel, six ladies gave convention goers a pep-talk worthy of Kid President!

The panel featured six women from popular female Geek Media sites: Asia al-Massari from Bitch Team Alpha, Brittney Brombacher from Blondenerd.com, Danni Danger from Weird Girls, Katey Hausman owner of Bitch Team Alpha, Melissa Kay from Can’t Talk Media, and Mia Moore from xomia.com. 

The team focused mainly on what to do to begin the journey into the realm of geek media, but a lot of these tips are beneficial no matter what your goals are. What follows is a summary of the pep-talk for all of you who may have [...]

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