Quitting During Titanfall Campaign

In a recent post on Reddit; a user anger by the repeated quitters on Titanfall. Pleaded to everyone on reddit to inform players during the lobby that if they quit during a campaign mission then everyone will have to restart. We reached out to the Redditer/Redditor (HeavyCargo) and asked him what exactly is going on! He responded by saying “People who don’t win quit, if a whole team quits you have to restart from the beginning”. Other users on Reddit also replied and one had this to say “It is hard to find a game after the first match. Basically, it is difficult to complete the campaign because it is a “one and done” for most people. No reason to go back to it”. He’s implying that most people who buy the game early; have a better chance of completing the campaign. If you wait weeks to buy #Titanfall then most likely there will be less people playing. Causing you to wait more time waiting in lobbies for gamers! Oh but don’t forget once you find teammates make sure they don’t quit or else it’s GAMEOVER.
Also keep this in mind by a Reddit user “You have to complete the campaign twice. Doesn’t matter which order. First time you beat it you can make custom Stryder loadouts. Second time you beat it you can make custom Ogre loadouts. So after the training the first thing you should do is queue for the campaign. You also get bonus experience for doing it, meaning you’ll unlock things faster.”

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