PlayStation 4 VR Headset Worth It?

1Since Wii first started their motion sensor concept, it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. XBox introduced the Kinect and since then have incorporated the idea into Xbox One. With a motion sensing camera that can translate gestures for control of games and menus, the Kinect will no longer need to be plugged in, but rather connected into the console for function.

PlayStation had the Move sensor, which sort of resembled the Wii. With a control and lens, gamers can do the exact same thing as if you are handling the Wii remotes. So then, what is the difference? Less lag, ergonomic fee, and difficulty swinging a sword or a punching motion can be executed. I, personally, was not too impressed. However, if you’ve given up hope on PlayStation retaliating against the Kinect, you might want to reconsider. During E3 last year, while Sony was introducing the PS4, it seems they are already laying down groundwork for another technology venture. With secret meetings held with developers and publishers, Sony showed off a virtual reality headset. Supporters came pouring in.

Rumors and speculations came in and as much as Sony tries to deny it, the people on the inside say they are making a major push for the headset, greater than they did for the Move.  The headset would use the PlayStation’s Eye Camera for head tracking just like the Move did, which, most people believe, will be better than the Oculus Rift. If Sony does continue experimenting with virtual reality, it will certainly be a rival to Oculus. They have developed a headset a few years ago for PC that delve into the 3D world of gaming and with that momentum on their side, it will be hard for Sony to start their campaign.

Sony did a 3D approach two years and it seems that most player don’t particularly like wearing glasses, which I agree with. Gamers blink less and with the addition of 3D, motion sickness among other things could happen. So with this in mind, would you be excited for a Virtual Reality Headset for console games or should we stick with 2D and leave it at that?

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