Child of Light Coming Soon – Ubisoft Montreal

On April 30, 2014, Ubisoft Montreal is set to release a new RPG called Child of Light on Microsoft Windows, PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the forgotten Wii U. The game is set in a fantasy world called Lemuira, a beautiful, breath-taking fantasy world inspired by Studio Ghibli and Yoshitaka Amano in its art style, with the presentation that are similar to Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy VIII, and LIMBO.  The game also features an upgrade skill tree, where the more activities you perform in the game, the more experience points you will receive to promote your character to a higher level.

Like The Legend of Zelda series, Child of Light contains a certain companion, a little blue fairy named Igniculus, which was sent by the Lady of the Forest to assist her in her quest to return home. Aurora, the daughter of a duke and duchess from 1895 Austria has fallen ill, but instead of dying, she is mysteriously transported to Lemuria, a world trapped in darkness due to the lack sun, moon, and stars that were taken away by the Queen of Night. Aurora must return Lemuira’s light and find a way back home. In her journey, she will encounter obstacles and battle all sorts of mystical creatures.

The game play is almost like Final Fantasy, where players must draw on their party and choose to either attack or defend. However, the main difference between this JRPG among others is that there is a second player that can control the fairy, Igniculus. Aurora will be able to do the standard JRPG fare, such as physical attacks, magic, targeting one or more enemies, along with the ability of flight. Igniculus has the power to blind enemies or interrupt them in the middle of an attack as well as collect health and magic. In addition to the multiplayer aspect, the story is told in a very whimsical way. Not only are there strange characters, like jesters abandoned from a circus to manic dwarves breaking a curse, the story is also written in an iambic pentameter.

The creators of Child of Light have done an amazing job building a brand new world for gamers to venture out in and explore. Jeffrey Yohalem, script writer of the game, describes the story as a “triumph of the human spirit” and that if the game leaves behind a feeling of something more than pure entertainment then it is more than what the creators hoped for. With such high remarks from Gamers and people alike, Child of Light may be this month’s most highly anticipated game.

To preview the trailer and find out more about the game, visit their website.

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