Newegg Offers Xbox One, Forza 5, and Titanfall for $499 (UPDATE)

Update: The Xbox One Titanfall bundle is no longer $450 at any major retailer.  The bundle is now going for $500 which is still a savings of $60 when compared to purchasing both the Xbox One and Titanfall separately.

NeweggNewegg is running a deal on a next-gen system  – Xbox One, Forza 5 digital download code, and Titanfall – all for only $499.99.

If you were looking to upgrade from an Xbox 360, now is the time to do it because there isn’t a timeframe on how long this deal lasts.

It’s worth noting that other retailers have been selling the Titanfall Xbox One bundle for over a month now at $450, which Microsoft continues to say isn’t an official price cut.

However, Microsoft’s own store is selling the bundle for $450 so not sure how much more official you can be!

Currently, the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have any such bundles but why would they need it?  The system is outselling the competitors so don’t look for any special deals until closer to the fall holidays.



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