Titanfall Mythbusters Discover Game Breaking Bug

TitanfallThe folks over at DefendTheHouse are back at it again in another Titanfall Mythbusters episode on their YouTube channel.

They have covered various games from every genre hoping to debunk myths associated with the games.

One of the myths: Using satchel charges, you can destroy the evac ship after it has escaped to space.

The team set out to discover if it could be done.  As the Epilogue nears conclusion and the drop ship takes off, DefendTheHouse detonated the attached satchel charges after it warps into space which ultimately would have destroyed the ship.

However, the game freezes and disconnects the players for doing so.  Guess the detonation in space causes a black hole that just consumes all of you!

Other myths are debunked as well including the myth that Pilots using Spectre Camo can run faster than normal Pilots.  Think it’s true?  Watch the video to find out!

Intersted in checking out their first Titanfall Mythbusters episode where they determine if you can destroy a Drop Ship with a perfectly timed Titan landing?  Check it out below:

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