Our Nation’s Craft the World Review

Developer: Dekovir Entertainment

Publisher: Black Maple Games

Platform: PC/Steam

Release: Early Access 11/19/13

Craft the WorldCrafting has become popular in the past decade thanks to Minecraft and many games create new elements to stand out from the others.

Craft the World is no different but can it really separate itself from the status quo and rise above and beyond the expectations surrounding a material crafting style game?

Call Me Gnome

The gameplay is simple – mine the world using gnomes to keep your population continuously growing while avoiding the enemies at night.  From dirt to rocks to iron ore, the mining abilities are limitless, so long as your gnome makes it back to camp to drop off supplies.

How do you protect your gnomes you say?  Easy.  Build a shelter.  After all, you have plenty of dirt I’m sure!

Chop and dig your way to materials, all while earning experience that allows your population to increase.

When another gnome joins, you then can continuously work them like an assembly line.  The more materials you obtain, the better items you can craft.

Craft the World Gameplay 2

However, your gnomes aren’t controlled by you for the most part.  You click on the blocks you want mined and an available gnome will do the grunt work, then will return to camp to deposit the supplies.  You can take control of a gnome but the controls were hideous and I found myself falling more than I was helping.  I, instead, opted to assign duties and work flow improved without me!

Just like you and I, the gnomes need fed and rest.  Send the gnomes back to shelter to sleep in their own bed and set food on the table to curve their hunger.

Gnomes Sold Separately

Craft the World’s crafting is one of the most simple I’ve seen in awhile.  The campaign provides a notebook you’re able to reference which is refreshing and is easy to read and understand.  As you craft low level items, you earn the ability to progress through the crafting tiers to unlock more advanced items.

However, if you don’t need a long tutorial to show you the ropes.  Head on over to the custom mode where all the fun is.

Custom mode allows you to jump right in and choose your world size, difficulty, and mode.  This is where the game shines.

You’re able to craft any items, so long as you have the required material.  I felt as if I was in an open world without boundaries and was able to craft at a quicker pace than in the campaign.  My gnomes survived much longer too!

Our Nation’s Verdict

Craft the World is a solid game.  Resources are plentiful and creatures are sporadic enough to really create a challenge compared to most craft games.

However, the continuous marching back to camp is really annoying.  Call me spoiled, but I like having a bottomless backpack to deposit my items in as soon as I get them!

The game is still in Early Access on Steam and improvements may be made over time, but as it stands, Craft the World falls short of what other crafting games have achieved.

Maybe in the near future, enough changes have been made to truly stand out from the competition.  Or if you you’re ready for a different style crafting game, then Craft the World is for you!

(An Early Access review code was provided by Dekovir Entertainment)

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