New Ryse: Son of Rome DLC Announced

RyseRyse: Son of Rome will receive it’s third DLC pack titled Duel of Fates according to Xbox Wire.

The Duel of Fates add-on features two new arena maps, “Invictus” and “Barbarous”, and a survival map titled “Island.”

Justin Robey, Senior Producer at Microsoft, refers to the new maps as a sort of “Roman Holodeck.” Xbox Wire says they’re sprawling, multi-tiered affairs that expand well beyond the Roman Colosseum’s ability to hold all the action. “We tell stories with our maps,” Robey says.

The maps are loosely based on historical events.  “Invictus” was inspired by The Servile Wars, a series of slave uprisings, and “Barbarous” refers to the events leading up to the fall of Rome.

“Barbarous” was noted to have an open courtyard and a vendor’s market in a high-walled city center.

The new survival map “Island” is said to be the most difficult challenge in Ryse to date.  Players start with little health and must pull off execution after execution while trying to avoid the arrows raining down from the sky to rebuild their health.

You can get the new “Duel of Fates” content on Xbox One as part of the “Ryse: Son of Rome” season pass for $19.99, or as a standalone pack for $8.99.


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