New Destiny Gameplay Details and Footage

Destiny PictureBungie released new details and gameplay footage for Destiny, which is one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

A few lucky journalists were able to fly to Washington to get a hands on preview of Destiny and play through a Strike Mission.

The Strike Mission begins with the task of scouting a dilapidated ship refinery within Old Russia (the same area from E3 2013) and locate the Devils’ Lair.  Fight the Fallen, burn back the Hive, and clear a path is the mission.

The players begin by running through an old rocket yard, churning for an ambush.  The map is beautifully crafted with cover and obstacles that make for a good firefight.

Soon after running through an entry way into the next area, the three players are ambushed by Fallen and Hive Knights, with the Hive Knights resembling Halo Elites in every way.  The Knights move and dodge fire and try to ambush you through meticulous maneuvers, all while being a real pain in the ass, especially if they get in your face.

Based on the footage, Destiny Strike Missions are very combat and mission focused.  Teamwork is key to survival!

While fighting through Fallen, Hive Knights, and Hive Captains (which have much more armor than Knights) into the lair, various weapons were shown off that are at your disposal.

A red magnum style revolver pistol that does heavy damage with headshots was the go-to weapon against the Hive Knights and if you prefer to fire from afar, a heavy duty sniper rifle with a 4x scope was shown along with a nice shotgun for closed quarter combat.

Other weapons shown briefly are an assault rifle and from the looks of the icon in the bottom left, a grenade launcher.

Weapons aren’t the only items in your armament, special abilities are too!

Each Guardian is equipped with special abilities that come in handy when in you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies.  DPS is what each ability is designed for and really helps in sticky situations.

Destiny Photo

Regardless of the class or race you choose, each Guardian has multiple slots for armor, a three-weapon limit, and grenades for your tossing pleasure.

Unfortunately, the 7 minute gameplay footage only shows what one Strike Mission brings to the table and really doesn’t explain much more.  With Bungie promising that Destiny is massive, we will have to wait until E3 before we know just how big the game really is.

In preparation for Destiny, be sure to redeem these infinitely usable trading card codes that were distributed for possibly in game items (details have yet to be released by Bungie what exactly you unlock by redeeming a code).

If you’re interested in preparing for the game, check out Bungie’s redesigned Destiny site for more information relating to the game.

In addition, Bungie, at a recent press event, has confirmed that last-gen character files can be transferred to next-gen but did not specify how exactly it would work.

Stay tuned right here to APG Nation as we learn more about Destiny leading up to E3 and let us know below how excited you are for the game!

Source: IGN and Polygon


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