China Lifts Ban On Consoles, Microsoft To Start Selling Xbox One in September

1500px-Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svgWith the recent release on the bans of consoles in China, news has surfaced that Microsoft will plan to start selling the Xbox One in September 2014.

China had placed a ban on the sales and manufacturing of consoles back in 2000. Reasons behind the ban were based on the belief that certain games would cause a decay of morals because of violent content. Because of the ban, hardcore Chinese gamers had to rely on blackmarkets and underground sales to get the latest games and consoles.

With the the popularity and sales of the PlayStation 4 steadily rising, Microsoft might be hoping to see a huge jump in sales of the Xbox One when gamers living in China are legally allowed to buy consoles.

Manufacturing of consoles will be done in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone following a partnership with BesTV. Even with the release of the console ban, China still has plans to place restrictions on certain types of games. Gamers in China should expect heavy censoring on titles containing violence or drug use.


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