Our Nation’s Trials Fusion Review

Developer: RedLynx

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4

Release Date: April 16, 2014 for Consoles and April 25, 2014 for PC

50 (2)_1397469963Get ready to throttle your engines as Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple, yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming.

The motocross entwined gameplay that the Trials franchise has been known for is evident throughout Trials Fusion and adds challenging elements for perfectionist enthusiasts.

The objective of each of Trials Fusion’s many tracks is to make it to the finish line with as few faults as possible.

But that’s not all.


Trials Fusion was created from day one to be a multiplatform game with a social orientation.  Players are pitted against the times of their friends as they ride to the finish line.  The ghost shadows of fellow riders beating your time definitely creates challenges outside the game as friends go back and forth one upping each other.

The game’s mechanics are phenomenal for a motocross influenced arcade game that many have grown up playing.  The challenge associated with the game never lets up as you move from track to track, unlocking more and more abilities.

The beginning is just that – the beginning.

Trials Fusion starts off with easy to master jumps to make any newb feel welcome.  However, to fully encompass what Trials Fusion has to offer, you have to put some time and effort to master the more challenging obstacles.

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For example, the Foxbat is “Made for the showman.”  The bike can prove to be difficult to control, especially when throttling the bike from a stopped position.  The outcome isn’t pretty.

The different style FMX tricks you can perform mid-air with the Foxbat are endless and challenging.  Think you’ve mastered the beginning obstacles and mid-air tricks?  Well move onto the hard tracks that take the game to a whole new level.

Toss what you learned in the beginning as Trials Fusion changes it up and makes you work to have a run without a fault as it introduces more intricate maps.  Bunny hopping up multiple walls?  Check.  Bunny hop across gaps with teetering pipes?  Check.  Lean forward and back to get your bike to land just at the right angle to be able to jump across another gap?  Check.

The challenging obstacles never let up as you move across the tracks.  I thought I was pretty good at the game earning gold medal after gold medal with zero faults on the beginning and intermediate maps only to realize that I hadn’t even broken the surface on Trials Fusion on the hard tracks.


The time and effort I have put into the game really pays off.  Each track has medals you earn based on your performance during the run along with three challenges that need completed.  The replay value is high as the game is designed with challenges on beginning levels that can’t be completed until a certain bike is unlocked.  In addition, some of the challenges are tough to discover and since Trials Fusion is a fast paced game, they can be hard to miss!

This is one of the best arcade style games on the market today, and I highly recommend playing Trials Fusion, especially if you’ve played past Trials games.  If the vast amount of fun you can have with beating your friends’ times over and over isn’t enough, play it for that perfectionist side of you aching to be tamed.

The only downside to the vast amount of obstacles entwined into the tracks is the slight inconsistency with the bike handling.  A few times the bikes would display odd bouncing mechanics even though the landing was perfect.  In addition, the lack of multiplayer support is disappointing.  Instead, Trials Fusion incorporates a local multiplayer mode.


The Verdict

The thrilling joyride Trials Fusion takes you on from start to finish is brilliantly crafted.  The dash of challenges and obstacles thrown into the pot really creates a savory game.  The intricate maps are beautiful and showcase the Trials franchise on next-gen systems.

(Trials Fusion was reviewed using a PS4 retail downloadable copy provided by Ubisoft.)





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