RPG Platformer Chasm Coming to PS4 This Year

Chasm Cover PhotoToday on the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that a new RPG Platformer called Chasm is coming to the PS4 later this year.

James Petruzzi, Producer of Chasm, says that players will take up the role of Daltyn, who is a young solider sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a minin crew in the remote mountain town of Karthas.

Upon arrival you learn the town has been cut off from the outside world by supernatural forces and are left with not option but to explore the deep mines below the town to uncover the source behind the forces.

By gaining special abilities, Daltyn will set out on an exploration to possibly save the world.

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“One of the hardest parts of game design is creating a unique and interesting world for players to explore. The Metroidvania genre has always been popular among exploration fans, and utilizes unlockable items or abilities that help the player reach previously inaccessible areas,” Petruzzi says.

By utilizing procedural generation, we hope to make the “room to room” exploration experience always new and exciting, while still providing a directed and well-paced experience. Finding the perfect blend between procedural generation and hand-crafting is a tricky endeavor, but one we think is more than worth exploring further.

Check out the full details of Chasm on the PlayStation Blog and stay tuned to APG Nation for all of your gaming news and reviews!


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