New Indie Game Source Coming To PS4

Source Picture 2Yet another indie game is set to release on PS4 titled Source.

On the PlayStation Blog, CEO of Fenix Fire Brian McRae said that when his team set out to develop Source, the team wanted something completely new and unique ian a Metroidvania style adventure game.

McRae says that Source has always been an “alternate dimension full of life, energy, and bio luminescence.”

In Source, players set out to search the world for clues, discover a new energy source, and absorb the energy to become imbued with a new ability. These new abilities can be used to fly to new areas, explore places that were previously poisonous to the character, or uncover a new kind of attack.

Source Picture 3

That’s why McRae had a list of things that needed to be in the game to be successful.  “First off, there needs to be an expansive, mysterious world to explore. Second, there should be permanent upgrades that are vital to your character’s advancement and survival. Lastly, a rich, visual story should unfold simply by playing the game itself. In just a few months of development time we’ve managed to uncover how we will attempt these familiar traits of the genre, and maybe even evolve them a bit further with Source.”

Head on over to the PlayStation Blog for more details as McRae asks for any feedback you might have about the game.

Two other indie games were announced today, Chasm and Drifter, which are set to release later this fall.


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