An Avengers Video Game Will Come

Avengers GameMarvel told IGN that an Avengers video game “will come when we have the right partner.”

TQ Jefferson, Marvel’s head of games, said in an exclusive interview with IGN that he wants the game done right and have an ample amount of time to nail the foundation for the game, if a game does come at all.

“I think the fact that there wasn’t an Avengers game turned out in time for the film is indicative of Marvel’s new attitude and the approach to how we find partners and build games. I think in the heyday of the movie licensed game, these games were popping out all the time and most of them sucked,” Jefferson said.

Marvel hasn’t had a successful run with video games, especially with the recent Thor and Captain America titles that were released.

When asked if those sales figures contribute to a delay in an Avengers game, Jefferson said, “Absolutely, absolutely. We got a bloody nose on both of those.”

I’m hopeful for an Avengers game.  I haven’t bought a Marvel video game in many years but I will definitely reconsider for an Avengers game.  I loved the movie so I would give the game a whirl.

What are your thoughts on an Avengers game?  Would you buy it or just stick with the movies?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: IGN


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