Our Nation’s Strike Suit Zero Review

Developer: Born Ready Games

Publisher: Born Ready Games

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Release Date: Consoles April 8, 2014, PC January 23, 2013

Strike Suit Zero Image 3In Strike Suit Zero, you are humanities last hope for survival.  Through extreme space maneuvers and combat in the Strike Suit, a powerful advanced spacecraft capable of bringing destruction to even the heaviest fortified spaceships, you fight to eliminate the enemy forces from annihilating Earth and their forces.

Early last year, Strike Suit Zero was released on the PC.  Now, with gameplay improvements and the “Heroes of the Fleet” DLC, the game is back but this time on next-generation systems titled Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut.

Strike Suit Zero’s combat elements are phenomenal and through a rigorous training exercise in the beginning, the controls can be easily mastered with a lot of practice.  After all, you don’t fly a spacecraft every day!

Strike Suit Zero Image 1

In Strike Suit Zero, you play as a troubled pilot named Adams who is taking pilot training again due to memory loss from a previous mission.  The commanding officers want to make sure you’re fit for combat before releasing you back on your own.  However, towards the end of training, you are thrown back into combat to defend your home!

The Earth forces are tasked with defending their fleets and Earth from the Colonial forces.  Adams becomes a one man army against the Colonial fleet and quite frankly, the odds of success are slim.

In the beginning levels, Adams is tasked with piloting a normal combat spacecraft and enemy ships are scarce.  However, the combat is fast paced once you obtain the Strike Suit.  The suit is definitely needed due to the sheer amount of spacecraft that locks onto you while in combat.

Strike Suit Zero Image 2

However, you can enter beast mode through the use of the Strike Suit which can transform into an auto-locking, missile launching attack beast!  No one can stand in your way as you shoot ship after ship to rebuild your Flux which in-turn allows for another transformation.  You can take out ten ships in mere seconds!

With very few checkpoints throughout a mission, you have yourself one of the most challenging games you probably have played in some time.  However, with some practice and a few deaths, you can easily adapt.  Half the time, I caught myself flying upside down because it was easier to maneuver and avoid missiles.  I bet Adams was barfing along the way though!

However, the gameplay is still fairly addicting.  The fun involved with auto-locking onto enemy ships is captivating and trying to earn medals at the end of each level became a challenge.  Unfortunately, I must not have done so well as I honestly didn’t unlock but a couple medals.  Oh well, considering the real fun is getting on people’s rears and shooting them down!

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The storyline is intriguing and really details space exploration.  Unfortunately, Strike Suit Zero is repetitive in the ship and mission task department.  In each level, Adams is either tasked with defending a ship or destroying a ship.  The game really leaves a player demanding more variety from the missions.  Then, the lackluster ending definitely makes you ask for more.

The Verdict

Overall, Strike Suit Zero provides a fun and addicting space combat game.  Yes there are a few issues such as checkpoint placement and combat controls but for the price, I would highly recommend you give it a try.  It’s addicting flying around in space trying to avoid debris and missiles all while trying to take down a frigate a hundred times your size in a few shots.

Lets not forget that the game comes with an even more challenging mode, Heroes of the Fleet, which is five different missions with five different heroes.  The missions provide a glimpse at the most heroic moments in the UNE/Colonial war in which you take part in taking down the mysterious Black Fleet!

(Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut was reviewed using an Xbox One retail downloadable copy provided by Born Ready Games.)

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