EA Reveals Next-Gen NHL 15

EA’s new teaser trailer is a modest hint at what’s coming from NHL 15. It’s a nice, less-than-minute nostalgia bit about the current playoffs, but there are some amazing new features that gamers—especially hockey enthusiasts—are going to love.

The next-gen consoles are expected to include “12 player NHL collision physics”, new puck physics, and even improvements on the crowd models.

To break that all down, the collision physics governs the responses between every player. New modeling releases have shown that the athlete’s body, their equipment, and their jerseys are uniquely designed to interact with a world around them.

This means that when one player slides into another, slamming him into the plexiglass, pads, sticks, the ice from the rink, their clothes, and their bodies are all taken into account, just like real life.

The puck physics have been reimagined to take into account the Artificial Intelligence of all players on the rink. Each member of the team, though computer driven, will be watching for openings to cover, offense players without defenders, and possible motives of the gamer himself exactly like a real professional athlete would.

As well, not too many people buy sports games specifically for how the crowd works, but the attention to detail with NHL 15 is astonishing. Over 9000 models were created (more than ever before) to give the diversity that real crowds contain, along with emotional responses to coincide with their team succeeding or failing.

All these are wrapped up nicely to give the player an incredibly immersing experience for their next-gen console. It really does present the nostalgic feeling of playing street hockey that the trailer suggests.

Who will be the face of the next-generation of hockey? You decide! This year, eight players who represent the next-generation of the NHL have been chosen as candidates for EA’s Cover Vote.

Voting ends June 1st and the winner will be announced during the 2014 NHL Awards on June 24th.  All you have to do is head to NHL.com/CoverVote to cast your vote.

NHL 15 Voting Schedule:

  • Quarterfinals: May 5th – May 18th, 2014.

  • Semi-Finals: May 19th – May 25th, 2014.

  • Finals: May 26th – June 1st, 2014.

DOUBLE Your Vote!

Everyday fans can vote on Twitter or Instagram by creating a post containing a player(s) hashtag. DOUBLE your vote on Twitter Thursday when any post containing a hashtag(s) will count as two votes for the player(s) mentioned. Fans can join the conversation about the cover vote every day by using #NHL15CoverVote on Twitter and Instagram.

Player Hashtags:

  • Erik Karlsson – #NHL15Karlsson

  • Logan Couture – #NHL15Couture

  • T.J Oshie – #NHL15Oshie

  • P.K Subban – #NHL15Subban

  • Drew Doughty – #NHL15Doughty

  • Phil Kessel – #NHL15Kessel

  • Matt Duchene – #NHL15Duchene

  • Patrice Bergeron – #NHL15Bergeron

So you decide which player is on the cover of the new NHL 15 and be sure to stay tuned to APG Nation for all your gaming news!

Source: Joystiq

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