New Unreal Tournament Details Teased By Epic

Multiple employees of Epic have been teasing followers through Twitter about an upcoming Unreal Tournament. Co-founder Mark Rein even told users via a tweet that there is a Twitch TV streaming to watch on Thursday at 2pm EST.

Mark’s link directs you to the following tweet from Vice President of Product Development Paul Meegan:

Make sure to keep up with the updates through the #UnrealTournament hashtag going around through many of Epic’s higher-ups. One tweet even included the YouTube link to this sound clip which could is possibly audio from the new game:

Unreal Tournament veterans will recognize this first blood sound as the first kill notifier in the tournament.

For those of you who are not familiar with Unreal Tournament, it originated in 1999 with its recurrences in 2003, 2004, and 2007, each featuring the newest version of the gaming engine. Now that Unreal 4 has been released, it’s time for the tournament to make a reappearance and the graphics behind it are stunning. Watch this real-time demo to see just how impressive it looks:

Make sure to be watching the Twitter feeds and of course our new articles as we get more information.

Source: Polygon and Game Informer

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