Sunset Overdrive’s New Teaser Has an Interesting Twist

Sunset OverdriveTo hype the upcoming game Sunset Overdrive, developer Insomniac Games has registered a website for an energy drink that only exists within the game.

To a casual observer, it looks just like a normal energy drink company. OverCharge Delirium XT, “utilizing the power of xtremophiles, OverCharge Delirium XT is guaranteed to unlock your wasted potential,” it says, advertising mock nutritional info tables, a full about page, their launch party details and more.

What lies beneath the facade is actually a quite incredible idea on how to give information about a game. There is a term originally coined by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1817 known as ‘suspension of disbelief’.

Suspension of disbelief is the thought that if a writer can create worlds and aspects of their medium so realistically that the reader / viewer / player can trick their brain to a point where they actually feel like what they are experiencing is real (Take that parents who said video games don’t teach you anything).

Video game writers and designers are largely hired based on the fact that they can create this immersion because if a gamer doesn’t believe that the object of the game is worth achieving, it simply isn’t worth playing.

The writers and marketers at Insomniac Games have knocked it out of the park.

Sunset Overdrive Image 2

Through this seemingly innocuous website about an energy drink from a game, we learn about the history of the universe in which we’ll be playing. Other companies that compete with OverCharge like Agua Mofeta Brewery (Spanish for “Skunk water”), businesses that will neighbor OverCharge like Sasquatch and Friends Family Fun Center, and fast-food franchise SexBurger, and even a television show on The Content Channel that will feature Delirum XT, show just how well this world is immersed from the very start.

A few characters from the gameplay are mentioned in the website to give back-story and general information on what the game might include in a way that’s not “here’s what’s going to happen”.

The company’s mascot will even be handing out this energy drink at four different gaming conferences in the next few months including E3 and Comic Con.

Insomniac Games has found a way to break the mold in a gaming industry that’s begging for what’s coming next.

Stay tuned right here on APG Nation as we learn more about the upcoming game Sunset Overdrive leading up to E3!

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