Sunset Overdrive Has Coined Awesomepocalypse

After Sunset Overdrive made a statement with its teaser energy drink website, we covered it hoping good things were going to follow. Today we can say that developer Insomniac did not disappoint us.


Traveling through Sunset City is guaranteed to be something new after information comes to us stating the many different quirks of the game including soda-monsters, bouncing off car hoods like trampolines, nuke-bullets, TNTeddy bears, and stealing comic books for XP.

The game opens with the protagonist working for Overcharge, the energy drink company that was featured via a fake website as the game’s teaser. The website points toward a big launch that’s featured at the beginning of the game, which causes the infection outbreak. Rather than taking this unfortunate mishap as the catastrophe it is, the game takes a hilarious turn wherever it can. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below.

It’s very clear, even from that little amount of information we have on Sunset Overdrive, that this is not your average end of the world game.

Immediately, the situation is satirized when the government quarantines the city and abandons the presently unaffected citizens. Even in this bleak scenario, the players will keep laughing through 4th wall breaking humor a la Deadpool and cartoon-ish characters with personalities to fit.

Bonuses in game are based on a player’s “Style Meter”, the paradigm machine gun is the AK-FU, enemies are addicted to their own blood which is the soda that infects them, fa irework gun, vinyl disk-shooter, and a hint at customizable weaponry for an even more zany armory.

It’s an incredibly exciting endeavor that keeps Insomniac on the map for being once again original in the most pleasing way.


Source: Game Informer

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