Titanfall Up and Running on PS4

Earlier today, industry guru known for video game leaks Tidux tweeted that Titanfall is up and running on the PS4 and is going multi-platform.

Further, Tidux tweeted saying that the PS4 version is running at 1080p compared to the Xbox One being around 792p.

However, news, such as leaks and insider info, should be taken with a grain of salt.  Although it’s worth noting, Tidux did leak info relating to the PS4 update 1.70 which turned out to be correct.

In my opinion, EA would greatly benefit by getting out of their exclusive contract with Microsoft and bringing the game to PlayStation 4 due to a more established market than the Xbox One.

If this becomes confirmed, are we on track to see a complete take over by PlayStation in the video game market with publishers jumping ship?  Possibly.  You can’t deny it would spell trouble for Microsoft if it does happen.

Regardless, we will have to wait and see what comes from this rumor.  Ironically, I reached out to Respawn yesterday to ask if a PS4 version of Titanfall is being developed and have yet to receive a response.

Stay tuned right here to APG Nation for any breaking news relating to this developing story, whether the rumor be debunked or confirmed!

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