A New Justice System Is Coming To The Elder Scrolls Online

eso-gameplay-footageMentioning The Elder Scrolls Online will cause a different reaction for everyone due to the issues it originally had when it was released. Between bots and various other glitches, an impressive amount of work has gone into continually updating this massive project and fixing issues that are found.

Even while all these problems are being fixed, more features are being added to the game. Recently announced is a new “justice system” which will excite many veterans to the Elder Scrolls worlds.

A staple of the game is the ability to steal from or attack innocents and become a virtual criminal. Skills like pickpocketing and lockpicking have been with the franchise since the start for this exact reason.

Recently there have been updates to introduce this new system to adjust the lawfulness of the land and immerse the thief-like characters in a more realistic system. Wanted levels and bounties will return to Elder Scrolls for a sixth time and guards will keep watch for you in towns where crimes have been committed.

The developers have repeatedly mentioned that their main goal with this online experience is “immersion”, and this is an ace move toward that standard.

If you’re interested in seeing more news about Elder Scrolls online, especially for more fixes and updates, watch our news articles for more.

Source: IGN

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