Red Dead Redemption Rumored to Come to PC

Red Dead RedemptionA PC version of the western open world Read Dead Redemption was spotted in Microsoft’s compatibility center earlier today perking up the ears of many gamers (myself included).

This game with it’s success is one of the few Rockstar games not to be released for PC, but many of the other titles have been monumentally successful such as the Grand Theft Auto franchise after having done so.

Like other news relating to a game coming to another platform, rumors have circulated for a long time without any evidence, but this may be the first solid piece for Red Dead Redemption.

One hitch that may cause issues is the fact that Red Dead Redemption is actually the second game in the series and for many years was denied possibility to be added to PC because the first game hadn’t been. It’s still very clear that Red Dead (the first game) will not be retrofitted, but interestingly enough, Redemption might be.

And if this news is exciting to you, then the fact that 2K, the franchise’s publisher, has stated before that the Red Dead series is potentially a franchise that they plan on continuing with a third title, suggesting the possibility of a next-gen game on the horizon for all three systems (Xbox One, PS4, and PC).

Watch closely for more Red Dead news as more information surfaces.

Source: Explosion

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