Paizo Releases Pathfinder “Shifting Sands” Adventure Path


Pathfinder released a new Adventure Path supplement, titled “Shifting Sands”, for their popular series of modules.

This module will be part of the “Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path” and focus on the players using their wit as well as combat prowess to learn more about the Pharoah Hokatep I.

The pharaoh is an ancient and evil ruler whose cult is trying to revive to lead them, but there is another cult who wants to make sure that the evil king stays buried. The party will have to deal with both cults as well as the monsters and natural dangers of the desert itself.

The module comes with stats for new monsters and characters, templates for making mummified creatures, background information on mummification rituals, and information about the city of Tephu, where the adventure takes place.

The PDF version will be made available on May 28th for those who prefer having digital copies of their modules.The module can be purchased at the Paizo website here, so go grab your dice and get your tables ready gamers!


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