Virtual Reality for Chickens (And I Don’t Mean a Simulator Game)

So, yes. I’m serious. There is an actual developer working on a Virtual Reality (VR) device for chickens.

3030597-slide-chickentechnicaldrawingcolor300dpiThe project was created by an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University named Austin Stuart. He’s calling his project Second Livestock. For those of you unaware, that’s a pun based off of a game called Second Life in which the player concedes that their life is boring, so they create a more emotionally engaging virtual one online.

And that’s essentially the thought process behind this device.

Studies have shown that free range chickens with better life situations perform better in their food-based duties, and the world that Professor Stuart has created is quite compelling:

“It’s really pastoral. There’s waving grass, a few trees, and some artificial intelligence chickens wandering around as well.”

The device for this hasn’t been created as of yet, due to the fact that Stuart is still in the research phase on how to make this project feasible or if it will actually work, but time will tell.

More information on the projects that are being planned can be found on their their website (because this hardly relates to video games in the first place, so we probably won’t have more). Unfortunately, none of those expansions will include flappy bird games, but only because chickens can’t fly.

Source: IGN

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