Halo 5 Introduces A New Character

So at this point, we’re all aware that Halo 5 is coming, concept art has been revealed, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Xbox One this fall.  However, more information continues to stream out of the internet, and this newest piece of information is quite intriguing.

This cover has been shown featuring the well-known Master Chief up-side-down on the bottom and a new character on top. Original speculation hinted that it may be a female, and there were even hopes that this could be Cortana or Sarah Palmer, but both of those have been shot down by Executive Producer Josh Holmes in a recent tweet.


He specifically states “He’s a NEW character.” A few quick things we can take from this: the character is male, he hasn’t been played before as the protagonist, and there is going to be a character not mentioned before.

Any opinions of who the character could be, or what they would be like are wildly speculative at this point, but now that more information has leaked, Microsoft may need to adjust their presentation for E3 featuring the new Halo 5 to give us more information.

Two of our people will be at E3, so make sure to watch our exclusive coverage of that story and more.

Source: GameSpot

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