2014 Pokemon Tournament Schedule

mayThe 2014 International Battle Challenge May has begun today. Registered Trainers who participate in the tournament must remember it uses the standard Video Game Cup rules for the format, so trainers can only use one of any specific Pokemon or item on their team.

The format will be doubles, and the Pokemon must be from the Kalos Pokedex and be native to or hatched in Kalos, meaning they must be from X or Y, and exclude the Legendary Pokemon of that region. Trainers from North America, Europe, and Australia will receive the rare Enigma Berry for entering.

Trainers who regularly compete in tournaments will be happy to learn that more Special Battle Seasons and International Challenges have been announced as well. Many of these tournaments will have special rules that will add another level of difficulty or strategy to the match ups.

The first cup will be the Explosive Speed: Single Battle competition. This tournament will focus on quick matches with a time limit of the minutes imposed on each game. Trainers will also only have fifteen seconds to decide on their move for each turn and thirty seconds to decide their Pokemon from their battle box before the match.

Trainers will have access to the entire Nation Pokedex except for Legendary Pokemon, though once again they must be caught or hatched in Kalos. Registration will be from May 29th to June 6th, with the actual tournament taking place between June 6th and June 9th.

The next round of competition will be the 2014 International Battle Challenge June. This will have the same rules as this months International Challenge and will run at the end of June.

eeveelutionsJuly will see the Eevee Friendly, which will restrict Trainers to using the popular Eevee and its evolutions Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon and will focus using the Rotation Battle format, which means trainers will have three active Pokemon that they can switch between without using an action; though only one will be in combat at any given time, sort of like a party within a party.

rotationAnother July tournament will be the All Star Battle. During this round of battles, Trainers will be allowed to use ANY Pokemon they desire, even Legendary, Mythic, and Poke-Transfer Pokemon (Except the unreleased Legends from X/Y such as Diancie). The only restriction is that there can only be two registered Mythic or Legendary Pokemon in the Trainer’s battle box.

The Ultra Fast! Double Battle! Tournament will be in August and will be in the Double Battle format. Trainer’s registered for this event will not be able to see their opponents Pokemon before the fight and will only be allowed three Pokemon on their team as opposed to the usual four for the format.

There are two fall events planned as well. The Fairy Cup will restrict Trainers to using Pokemon from the new Fairy-type, while the Halloween Party will require Trainers to use Ghost-types and have a Gourgeist in their battle box.


Be sure to check back for updates as dates, names, and prizes of tournaments are finalized. And finally, good luck to all the trainers out there, and may the best team win!

Source: Serebii

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