Left 4 Dead Survivors: New Arcade Game for Japan

Left 4 Dead SurvivorsToday, the first trailer has been provided for a new Left 4 Dead arcade game being featured in Japan known as Left 4 Dead Survivors.

The content from both previous games (Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2) have been somewhat seamlessly combined by developer Valve’s new Japanese partner Taito, though more content could be added before the game is eventually released.

Putting aside some funny translation quirks and the lengthy shots sans zombies, the gameplay trailer is reminiscent of the games people have loved in the past.

Originally, the two had paired up for Half Life 2: Survivors which was a largely similar experience: content from both previous games, pulled together into one arcade experience with things like hints at where to go next to take the game from what was a console experience, into the streamlined expectations for an arcade game.

There are subtle hints that this could lead to a third addition to the console and PC series, but nothing definite as of yet. If you’re a fan of this series, be sure to watch our website as we’re sure to cover news if it comes through that the series is in fact adding a third installment.

The arcade machine will release later this year, although no official date has been released. Click below to see the gameplay trailer.

Source: Game Spot

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