Far Cry 4 Game Art Racism Controversy

The allegations at hand were that the game art, featuring a white male superimposed above a darker male, had racist overtones. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Far Cry franchise and producer Ubisoft has faced these types of charges. Check out the picture in question below.


To which, creative director Alex Hutchinson of Ubisoft replied, “Just so it’s clear for those jumping to conclusions: He’s not white and that’s not the player.” At second glance, Hutchinson is right. The male in charge isn’t white, but after some more severe questions came through Far Cry 3 where the protagonist was a white male rescuing darker citizens from an island where they were tortured.

Far-Cry-4-Teaser-Picture-Hints-to-April-4-2014-ReleaseHonestly, there isn’t much credence to be given to these claims, Far Cry 3 was dismissed by Jeffrey Yohalem, the games writer when he said in an interview that critics were missing the point. Oversensitivity may be the name of the game here.

The great news is that through these frustrations for the developers with media, we received a little golden nugget of information. Hutchinson in his statement said that the man in the chair is not the protagonist. So who is?

The other day some details leaked through Ubisoft’s online store stating that the player would be a man named Ajay Ghale and the setting will involve a civil war in the country of Kyrat.

More news sure to come on this game and others.

Source: Game Spot

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