Halo 5 Boss Annoyed By Leaks

0x600Frank O’Connor, Halo 5’s Franchise Development Director, doesn’t like leaks. In a Neogaf post, Mr. O’Connor spoke his mind regarding insiders leaking information to the public. He stated “Breaking embargoes is not prophesy. Nor does it require any particular skill or insight. Ultimately he is taking or being given information and leaking it, illegally and often erroneously.” He went on to say “People, including nice people with kids and families and stuff, work super hard on this stuff and wake up in the morning to find some of their effort blown up.” Gamers have called this insider the Prophet because most of his predictions have come true. 

While most gamers, myself included, are very impatient when it comes to news regarding our favorite games, we forget sometimes how much work goes into creating those games. So Mr. O’Connors frustration is totally understandable.

What do you think about leaks? Would you rather wait for it to be publicly released by our favorite developers or do you want it as soon as possible?

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Source: MP21st

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