Oculus Rift Gets Gameboy Emulator

For those of you out there who didn’t get a chance to get or play Nintendo’s Virtual boy, you’re in luck. Software Engineer Jonathan Odul, aka Tahohi, has created a Gameboy emulator you can use with the Oculus Rift. He posted on Bitbucket that “Here we are passionate of the Nintendo Gameboy that was during our childhood a great console with so many great games (Super Mario Land, Pokemon, Link’s Awakening…), so much memories…” He went on to say “We always wanted to know how does an emulator work and how to do it, so one day we just wondered why not making a Gameboy emulator working with Unity?”

The Gameboy Emulator, part of his project called UnityGB wasn’t made specifically for the Oculus Rift. Since the Oculus Rift supports Unity, the game could successfully be played using the headset. It was demonstrated by Shane O’Brian, a developer on Odul’s team. You can see that demo below.

UnityGB is described as very light, also a Gameboy rom: for just a few more kilobytes, you can include it into your project to add hours of fun to your original game with no effort. You can have a player take a break from playing your game and pick up a virtual Gameboy. Odul describes it as gameception.

You can get more information on the UnityGB project here.

Source: CNET

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