Steam Machine And Steam Controller Face Delays

Today in the forums, Eric Hope of Valve announced that the both the Steam Machine and the Steam Controller have been delayed until 2015. Officially, the release date for neither had been announced, but the plan was for both to come in 2014.

DOG_controller_MEDHope talked about “using wireless prototype controllers to conduct live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers,” to give some amazing feedback. He discussed new features becoming available without detail and said that “realistically,” 2015 will hold the release date.

There has been general push back from many gamers about the Steam Machine itself, and even a spokesperson from Alienware said that the device would be the “least successful” item with the Alienware logo. The statement was later redacted, but his points still stand valid.

med_STEAM_M_console__heroStill odd, the design of the steam controller has been shifting slightly as well. Overall, the shape looks mostly the same. As eager as developer Valve is to release these items, Hope assured that the number one priority is to provide the “best gaming experience possible.

Still no word on confirmed manufacturers of the Steam Machine either, so there’s more news to come and you can be sure that we’ll have it. Continue to watch our feeds as the story develops.

Source: Destructoid

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