Battlefield Hardline Announced

Publisher EA has announced their next entry in the Battlefield series: Battlefield Hardline.

It will most likely be a police-themed entry. Source files from the Battlefield official blog revealed yesterday that there is likely “SWAT” and “Thieves” teams pitted against each other with new game modes like those of Counter Strike.

EA had announced earlier this month that at E3 they would be revealing six games, one of which would be put into their impressive Frostbite 3 engine (used for games like Need for Speed: Rivals and Battlefield 4).

Below are photos that were taken from the Battlefield blog’s source code when the story originally leaked.

All these photos from BFDaily, an unofficial Battlefield blog, showing some of the icons leaked this yesterday.

The game seems like a solid concept, more soon to come, especially with E3 around the corner, but gamers are generally concerned about how well this game will do because of the multitude of upsets from Battlefield 4, an already existing game that is still under progress.

We’ll have to wait and see as more news comes, keep watching our feeds for more information as we get it and follow our Twitter page @APGNation for article announcements.


Source: Game Spot

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