Nintendo Files Copyright For Pokemon Delta Emerald


Nintendo has recently filed for copyright on a new game title – Pokemon Delta Emerald. While this could be a sign that the Pokemon team plans to release the next remakes as a set of three, it is more likely they are simply making sure no one else can profit from the idea.

There is some precedence for this explanation, as when Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green were released Nintendo had also filed for a Water Blue edition, though it was never put into production.

For those gamers who wondered why Nintendo would release a “Green” version over a new “Blue” version, the reason was that the original games in Japan were Red and Green with Blue being the third, improved installment to the series and Yellow being the fourth with further tweaks.

The versions released internationally were actually the Blue version with Red and Green encounter rates.

Nintendo has a history of trademarking various unused Pokemon titles. Pokemon Gray, Brown, Crimson, Purple, Opal, and Scarlet are all unused titles they own. But, to credit to all those who want to believe the hype, Pokemon White and Black were once in this category as well.


Even if Nintendo decides not to make Delta Emerald as they did for Water Blue, it still doesn’t mean we won’t see a new form for Rayquaza, considering that it seems very likely from the artwork and Nintendo comments that the other two Pokemon from its trio, Groudon and Kyogre, will be getting their own new forms (likely Mega Evolutions).


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