EA Taking Care of Backpay for NCAA Players

EA has finally settled on a handsome eight-figure pay out for NCAA players who have been attesting that their likenesses were used in games without permission.

NCAA_2009For those of you who are visually oriented, eight figures looks like this: $40,000,000.00. That’s right, EA forked over $40 million because not only did they use these player’s likenesses in sports games, but continued to even after the players originally filed the claim half a decade ago.

In 2009, a group of players found that the damages for using a players likeness without consent or compensation can be close to a thousand a year per player.

thebos_easportscfbThe players are now moving on from EA after their deserved payday and shifting their focus to NCAA. The main question being: why, after filing a claim, did NCAA continue to allow EA to use their likenesses? NCAA has responded with a breach of contract claim against EA.

The legal rigmarole will inevitably go on for years, but the players are likely much closer to their full amount than they were when they originally filed the claim.

More news to come as EA releases statements about the breach of contract allegations; keep watching our feed for that and other news and follow our Twitter @APGNation for the release of these articles.

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