Monster Hunter Unite port for iOS and new Monster Hunter 4U trailer

A new trailer for Monster Hunter 4U has been released by Capcom for E3 featuring some gameplay footage of new monsters, weapons and cinematic scenes. The trailer also alludes to the online hunting feature of the upcoming title. No new information was given within the trailer, however.

Monster Hunter 4U will come out in the US early next year according to the trailer, while the Japanese version of the game is due to hit shelves this winter. This game is the “G”-or extended- edition of last year’s Monster Hunter 4, which did not see an international release, making it much like the release of Monster Hunter 3U.

Monster Hunter 4U will include more destructible environments and include more platforming elements, allowing the player to climb most surfaces and even ride many monsters rodeo-style to get extra loot in mid fight.

In addition to the new trailer, another announcement was made by the Monster Hunter team. They have created a port of Monster Hunter Unite for iOS devices and it will soon be released in the App store. The game has been retooled somewhat for touch screen use and implements new functions like a lock-on feature. I can personally vouch for this game, having played well over 1,000 hours on the PSP version and easily ranking it as one of my favorite games.

As always, I’ll be following news on these stories as they develop. Check in regularly for release date and updates!

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