Destiny Gameplay Leaked

Destiny-imageDestiny is one of the most anticipated titles of 2014 and it seems someone decided not to follow their Non-Disclosure Agreement! Destiny Alpha gameplay was leaked online today by alpha tester Kgro82. We have analyzed the video and thought it would be a disservice to everyone if we didn’t get this to you as soon as possible.

Now it’s time for the breakdown. As we watched the leaked video we noticed a lot of new and old information about the game.


The first thing we saw was the “Character Customization” feature that we knew about since the unveiling of Destiny. With this feature you have the ability to change the way your character looks. You are able to change your helmet, tracker, torso, boots and scarf. Yes, your scarf is also customizable! All of these seem to be under the category of “Defense”. On the left of the character you are able to change the type of gun you can possess and as you can see there’s still some slots that the user needs to unlock. Next to character you have inventory. The user didn’t show it; therefore, we are unsure what’s there. We are unsure of all the benefits your character has but so close to E3 we’re sure more details will surface!

3knifecsIn recent years, many FPS have had similar styles of gameplay to Call of Duty. It seems Bungie has added the ability to throw your knife at the enemy, similar to the tactical knife in Call of Duty. For all those COD players; you know how annoying it was to get killed by a flying knife. Get ready for it in Destiny! We also notice this featured is consider a “power-up” and you will need to wait until it full charges up to use it again.

5knifethrowWe are unsure if these mechanics will transfer over to multiplayer but Bungie has stated that your character will be the same in MM. The radar for Destiny is different from many FPS. The above picture shows the radar; while an enemy is near by it will highlight it with a red triangle. Some of us are used to seeing red or yellow dots on our radar. On the bottom of the picture you notice a yellow bar but also a display of your available ammo.

8poweruppistolThat yellow bar we believe to be some sort of power-up indicator. How exactly it works is still unknown. In the picture above you notice the character powering up and if you watch the the gameplay you will notice the gun changed to a pistol.

9powerupThe yellow bar is draining from the power-up and we timed it at 12 seconds which is how long the power-up last. We also noticed you might have the ability to have two power-ups; which should make the game a bit more exciting.

6nidlerHalo fans rejoice or not! It seems as if the legendary Needler has returned! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bungie or haven’t been around for the past 15 plus years then you might not know that Bungie is the creator of the Halo series. Destiny has a similar gun that uses guided projectiles to reach it’s destination. Keep in mind we are unsure of this but if history repeats itself then we are certain Destiny will have a lot of hidden easter eggs referencing back to Halo. As they did with Halo and Marathon.

7healthbarThe health bar indicator is back. We would love to know how this would be use in multiplayer. For example, will it be similar to Halo where it takes 4 BR shots to kill an enemy or COD where it only takes seconds. With the health bar reveled we can assume it will carry over to mulitplayer.

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