E3 2014: Super Smash Bros Amiibo and Queen Palutena

Queen Palutena from the Kid Icarus series was also shown during the Nintendo event. In the previous Smash Bros game she was used in the Final Smash move for Pit, but is now her own character. She focuses on magic and big area affects.

Amiibo, a new interactive figure feature, will also be supported. The figures can send and receive data to interact with various games. Super Smash Bros will be the first title to support Amiibo, but it will be used for Mario Cart 8.

The Amiibo characters will be able to be leveled up to increase their stats like attack and defense to become more powerful opponents. Players can also change the Amiibos tactics, resulting in players having different versions of the same characters to use against each other.

The Amiibo will be able to be summoned in battle by placing the figure on the Wii U gamepad. Amiibos can be used much like the Assist Trophy or Pokeball items in that they can be used to team up on opponents but they can also be used as training opponents.

There will be a peripheral made for the Nintendo 3DS so it too can use the new Amiibo feature as well. Expect to see many classic Nintendo characters in this new interactive figure line as Nintendo pushes this new feature on both of its consoles.

The presentation also had plenty to show of the other characters and modes that will be present in the final game. The montage contained clips of various new content, some of yet unnamed modes and features.

The game will be released on 3DS within a few months and on the Wii U this fall.

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