E3 2014: Cmoar Personal Viewer Revealed

So it’s just a Virtual Reality (VR) device right? Nope.

Cmoar prides itself on offering not only VR and Augmented Reality (AR), but both 2D and 3D cinema viewing as well.

“From now on you won’t have to limit yourself and be forced to make a difficult choice of what feature you prefer and what device to buy. Cmoar is there for you, ready to cover it all.”


Cmoar_In_Use_3The device uses what you already have to optimize how you see the world around you and the entertainment you view. With the separate lenses included in the kit, it adds to the augmented reality and virtual reality from your smartphone (regardless of size), computer (via USB), or even console.

The device has no release date yet, but soon will be launching a Kickstarter to insure that the production and any further prototyping is completed, and the hope is that the first releases will be in January of 2015.


You can find the full list of features and technical specification below:

  • The uniquely designed case for accessories and bases with lenses

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality base

  • 95 degrees view field

  • Precise head tracking

  • Innovative controls for games including using smartphone as your gun

  • Possible to be used for both education and entertainment

  • 2D cinema screen base

  • 120’’ screen

  • Full HD resolution for each eye

  • Amazing contrast and color saturation

  • PC and next-gen consoles ready

  • Allowing to watch movies and play games thanks to the free streaming application

  • 3D cinema screen base

  • 80” screen

  • No flickering effect

  • No image interlace

  • Fantastic depth

  • Image sharpness adjusting knob

  • Sticky, washable gel layer

  • Sponge for placing the smartphone

  • Universal camera, headphones and USB outputs


As well, with the release of the device comes a couple of games for the Kickstarter backers to show off the device:

  • The Virtual Cinema App

  • Augmented Reality RPG

  • Skiing game for kids

  • 2 zombie games for adults

More news from E3 still coming your way, keep an eye on our Twitter @APGNation, so you get the news as soon as it comes out or watch E3 yourself here.

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