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If you weren’t in Denver this last weekend for Comic Con, that’s okay, because we were and there wasn’t a whole lot to do with video games. However, if you’re a Mass Effect or Dragon Age fan, there was something pretty cool that happened.

There was a panel labeled Video Game Voices for video game voice actors featuring:

Mark Meer who played the male version of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, various characters throughout Dragon Age 1 and 2, and some smaller roles, mostly with developer Bioware.

Jennifer Hale, who used to be the voice of gateway computers, went on to become the female version of Commander Shepard and many video game roles with a whole gamut of companies.

Raphael Sbarge who has done not only voice acting, mostly known for Kaiden Alenko from Mass Effect, but has also done film in TV shows like Once Upon a Time.

Kimberly Brooks was Ashley Williams in Mass Effect and Daisy Fitzroy in Bioshock Infinite along with many other roles in games as big as Arkham Asylum.

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I got a chance to ask a question on the open mic and mine was: “I understand you’re all under NDA on most of this stuff, but is there anything at all you can tell me about your future involvement with Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, or Bioware in general.”

The room went deathly silent.

Every one of them started shaking their heads and looking at each other until finally Mark Meer grabbed the mic and said “I did get cleared to say this by Bioware recently: on Monday, I’ll be recording for a new role in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and this time, it won’t be an elf prostitute.”

If you’ve played Dragon Age II, you’ll recognize the character he’s talking about.

Not as much news as we would have hoped, but still exciting as we wait for the release after what we saw at E3. As well, Mark went on to talk about how members of the Bioware team had left a while back to create a new development company known as Hinterland Studio under the publisher Ubisoft and Jennifer Hale will be featured in their first game that was just funded on Kickstarter called Into the Long Dark.

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