Newest Simulator Hype for Spintires

Simulator games are a largely growing genre and for good reason: they represent the newest innovations in gaming engines that keep physics in games moving forward.

New off-road simulator “Spintires” just goes to prove that point. It’s “an advanced simulator of Soviet off-road heavy cargo vehicles,” says new developer Oovee Game Studios.


This first entry in their gaming career is quite impressive and shows off a lot of new physics features that previously have been missing from many games.

“Each rock and soil particle moves under the truck wheels, mud acts as in real life, deforming and sticking to the tires. Realistic water effects affect car handling during pond and river crossing. Entire flora, from the forest floor to the trees bends, breaks and interacts with the vehicle.”

Those are some amazing advancements from most games that currently exist, even including other games involving vehicles!

Check out their official release trailer to see this physics at play:

If you’re interested, this game is currently listed on Steam and Oovee’s homepage.

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