Pac-Man To Appear In Super Smash Bros.

“Pac-Man Hugers For Battle!” is the tag-line Nintendo used to announce Pac-Man’s introduction to the Super Smash Bros universe. This new nostalgia character uses his 3D model seen in games such as Pac-Man World.

Pac-Man uses a variety of attacks that use old-school arcade sprites from various Namco games in a manner somewhat similar to Mr. Game & Watch. He can also turn into his classic “ball form” to chase down opponents. Pac-Man has even received his own stage that is reminiscent of the levels in the original Pac-Man arcade game.


Mr. Game & Watch also makes an appearance in this trailer, though he has not yet been officially confirmed on the official site as a playable character. However, it would be surprising to not see Mr. Game & Watch in this title as he has been playable in both Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl.

Super Smash Bros is coming October 3 for Nintendo 3DS and Winter for the Wii U. Keep coming back to APG as we keep covering the new on Super Smash Bros as it comes out!

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