Naughty Dog Maybe Planning To Make A Crash Bandicoot Reboot

Rumor has it that Naughty Dog has plans to reboot the Crash Bandicoot series on PS4 as revealed by Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells to MotorCrunch.

“We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages,” said Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells to the magazine. “We have the sizable team that it takes to get something like that off of the ground, but it’s got a long runway in front of it. We have a lot of great ideas and some stuff that is already getting everybody jazzed and excited. So, it’s a long way off before we can really start talking about it in detail.”

Naughty Dog also has plans to create The Last Of Us 2, new Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted 4. They might be looking to revive their past series in an effort to give the PS4 an edge in the console war. So far only Uncharted 4, headed by The Last Of Us director and writer Neil Druckmann and Bruce Staley has been confirmed to be at development at Naughty Dog right now.

Crash Bandicoot on the original PlayStation was the game that put Naughty Dog in the limelight. It was an adventure-platforming game that followed the adventures of an anthropomorphic bandicoot named Crash whose quiet and simple life is often interrupted by the mad scientist Dr. Neo Cortex as he aspires to rule the world. The game was so successful it spawned many sequels and a spin-off racing series.

Will Naughty Dog be able to pull it off again and create an instant classic? Maybe, but the only problem is that Activision owns the Crash Bandicoot IP, which means Naughty Dog can’t make it unless Activision publishes it. Post your opinions on this below, and don’t forget to check on the latest news, leaks and reviews here on APG!

Source : KDramaStars

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