Our Nation’s Spintires Review

Developer / Publisher: Oovee Ltd
Platform: PC
Release Date J:une 12, 2014

Mud flinging everywhere, wrenching to get an inch further in your journey, and the daylight is fading. The cranking machinations of gearshifts, tire rotations, and the amplified hum of the exhaust pipe rattling in its place. This is the experience of Spintires.

If you saw our Spintires announcement article, you’ll know this hyper-realistic simulator game has just hit the Steam market after coming out of alpha with a massively impressive update.

Oovee Game Studios has brought us quite an exciting first entry to their promising career. The physics of the game are incredible. You’ll find yourself watching your tires fling mud as the car sinks deeper and rather than being frustrated (like you would in real life), you are stunned and speechless at the beauty of it.

Yes, the beauty of the mud splattering.


This still image doesn’t quite capture the awesome looks of the mud, but the motion blur alone is stunning (also, for those of you perceptive enough, you now know my Steam username, congratulations).

Not only is the molding of the mud and the rushing of the water spectacular, even though it’s the core focus of the game, the day cycle is amazing as well:

timelapseThe lights look like real car lights when you turn them on and when you turn them off, it’s as black as night (is that considered a pun?).

Solving missions in this game is a massive task. Even getting to your very first destination may take hours of going over hills, through forests, across rivers. You will likely at one point high-center on a boulder, get incredibly stuck in mud, or just get turned around after losing yourself in the interactive beauty of this expansive world that Spintires offers.

There are multiple maps, many different types of vehicles, customization options for what the car’s options are, and even multiplayer options.


And for a simulator game, Spintires has a great amount of objectives to achieve. It’s like a sandbox game, but with more purpose.

Every game has complaints and drawbacks, though. As soon as you start the game, you’re thrown in the thick of it, an extensive overlay shows you every control and option all at once.

For some players the temptation is to close it and try to figure out the game on their own- leaving them lost, confused, and without an idea of what to do or how to do it. For those who try to read through, it’s at least ten minutes of trying to figure out what each option actually does without explanation.

Honestly, this issue can (and likely will) be fixed by a quick update adding a simple tutorial script. Spintires has been evolving for over a year, and the game has come to a great place already, I’m positive more will be added to make this game even better.

For a score for this game, I had a difficult time deciding. If you take the game for what it is–a simulator–it’s top-notch, creme de la creme, but a simulator game is missing a lot of what makes a game enjoyable over the long term: some semblance of story, and replay value.

Simulator games have no story, no characters, nothing to engage with other than the world itself, but Spintires’ world is expansive and gorgeous. Spintires has some replay value in exploring open world, but there are few objectives to achieve.

All that said, I know Spintires is growing and updating constantly, and I’d only expect this game to get better. Definitely a buy, 9/10.

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