Vivillon Distribution Event For Pokemon X/Y

The Pokemon Company has released a new Vivillon pattern as an event running for the rest of this month. This new Vivillon, which is so far exclusive to this event, also comes with a special move called Hold Hands which, when used in a double battle, “makes [both Pokemon] very happy”. Like many event Pokemon, this Vivillon will also come in a Cherish ball and has an Event Ribon on its status page.


Does this move actually increase a Pokemon’s happiness levels? Probably not. Much like the other secret moves occasionally given away, it’s not meant to be used competitively but as a sort of “thank you” animation from the company for achieving the high amount of Global Trade Station trades.


Still, it is a neat pattern and an exclusive form and move. I would recommend picking up this Vivillon to any trainers out there just to have it in their collection. Remember, you only have until July 31st to pick up this rare version of Vivillon with its exclusive move.

What are your thoughts on this new pattern? Find any uses for Hold Hands? Feel free to comment below and follow us on Twitter at @APGNation!

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