Our Nation’s The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 Review

Developer / Publisher: Telltale Games

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, PS Vita

Release date: July 8th, 2014

As with the earlier The Wolf Among Us reviews, I’d like to warn our followers that this game contains quite a bit of gore, and lots of language, but we’ll be sure to keep that out of the review. I’ve also tried to avoid spoilers to the series in order to allow potential buyers to read safely.


A satisfying (albeit short) wrap-up to a fantastic story in one of Telltale Game’s best titles, Episode 5 “Cry Wolf” delivers on the rest of the series’ promises.

This game was given a perfect 10 in previous episodes for The Wolf Among Us, and I didn’t think that it could get better, but the gameplay has started to crank up the heat with faster decision making, more important decisions, and bigger consequences for not succeeding at either.


As every member of the story line comes together, so do the competing philosophies. You’re thrown in the midst of all the conflict as the referee no one asked for; dealing with the blood-stained past that you’re trying to hide as the protagonist Bigsby- the big bad wolf and Sheriff of Fabletown.

All this while the Crooked Man is twisting the consciences of the general public of Fabletown, the city you’re working desperately to protect.


The mechanics of The Wolf Among Us is great. The setting and tone followed through flawlessly to the end. The story is engaging with twists and turns at every section.

Overall, this game is quality and I hope we can see more of this type of comic-book-esque mastery from Telltale games as more Walking Dead and similar titles emerge.

However, my one frustration is that there was no way of knowing who the bad guy actually was until the end. He’s not even introduced until the later episodes which makes some of the original work feel pointless. The story does wrap up quite nicely with a seemingly circular plot putting the world back in place with a few key differences.

I did appreciate that rather than just leaving the resolution to the game as the end you played through quite a bit of what felt like an epilogue rather than a part of the main story. It was a nice change of pace after the final fight scene.

What was the final fight scene like? Luke Skywalker being marched by Darth Vader into the Emperor’s chamber at the end of Episode VI. Stalking, eminent emotional and physical explosion climaxed with action that kept you holding your breath, begging for release.

I won’t spoil it, but it was quite satisfying to win. All I will say is “That’s not even his final form.”

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