Super Smash Bros. Tournament At Comic-Con

Nintendo will be hosting a Super Smash Bros. tournament at the San Diego Comic-Con July 25th. The tournament will be held using the 3DS version of the new Super Smash Bros. game and fans of the series are welcome to visit the Nintendo Gaming Lounge- located in the Marriott Marquis & Marina for a chance to participate in the tournament or get a first hand look at the new game before it hits shelves October 3rd.


The tournament will begin at noon and consist of four-man matches until the finals, which will be one-on-one. Player slots are limited and will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. For those of you unable to attend Comic-Con or the event, the tournament will be streamed live on Nintendo’s Twitch account.


Are you going to compete in the tournament or watch it on Twitch? Let us know below, and keep following us here @APGNation as we report the latest news, leaks, and reviews.

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