More Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Info Leaked

An image featuring a Mega Evolution for Metagross has been floating around the Internet today. The new form looks like it is floating around in an “X” shape using its formidable psychic powers. It also gains a large spike at the bottom of its “head”.


The translated scanned images also report that the Pokemon will be used by the champion Steven. The Hoen region is also going to have “different Pokemon than before”, implying that, much like Fire Red/ Leaf Green and Heart Gold/ Soul Silver before them, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will likely have more Pokemon from other generations; probably even from X and Y.


Do you think a new Mega Evolution is what Metagross needs to get back into top competitive tiers? What do you think of his design? Let us know, and keep following us here at @APGNation as we cover more leaks, reviews, and news!

Source: Serebii

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