The Red Solstice Pricing Error Means You Save

We were informed by the staff of The Red Solstice that a pricing error on Steam would mean everyone will get two copies for the price of one. The only problem would be, you need to take advantage of this deal by the end of today!


For only $14.99 not only would you get two copies of the game but also 40% of the original price ($25). For those who supported the game on Kickstarter will also receive additional keys to make up for the mistake.

After today the price for a single copy will be $11.99 at 40% off the planned $19.99 price of the final product. So hurry and take advantage of this deal!

Check back for our Official APGNation Review of The Red Solstice. If you bought the game then let us know what your initial thoughts of the game were.

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