Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros!

After several days of countdown on their clock, the Super Smash Bros. team has revealed several new characters, all from last year’s Fire Emblem: Awakening. Lucina and Robin (the players avatar from the game) will be able to duke it out with the best of Nintendo’s characters in the upcoming title for the Wii U and 3DS. Both characters will use bladed weapons for combat though Robin will also have access to ranged magic spells; a first in the Smash Bros. for the Fire Emblem franchise. Check out the trailer below!

Robin will be available in both the male and female counterparts from Awakening so players can choose which version they wish to play as, though aside from voice acting and looks they will share the same moveset. Crom will be making an appearance as part of the Final Smash (super move) of Robin, joining him/her in a flurry of blades for a big combo finisher.


Lucina seems to share many of Marth’s moves, so players who are familiar with that iconic fighter will be fairly familiar with how she plays. However, she is only featured in a few seconds of gameplay footage so the exact level of similarity is up for debate until more information is available.


Captain Falcon was confirmed as a returning character as well. As a veteran of every single foray into the Super Smash Bros. franchise, it is not surprising to see him return and his fiery attitude and signature moves are well known in the gaming community.


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